Whether you’re coming to Phuket amid the rainy season(it hardly rains in Phuket year round though!) , or meet some saturated climate for a day or two of your trek – here are a couple movement thoughts to best appreciate (or totally disregard) Phuket if its raining. You’ll require some loose clothes or garments..


Thai MassageProbably the most obvious activity on a rainy day for both men and women. Phunawa Karon Beach Resort & Spa recommend to guests not to book this activity in advance, but instead keep it for that occasional rainy, relaxation or lazy day! But if you stay in our Spa Resort, make a booking early if you think rain is here to stay. All the hotel guests will have the same idea!

2. Thai Cooking Class

Thai Cooking ClassAs such a large number of guests love to eat Thai food, it’s obvious that numerous would need to learn Thai cooking as well. Thai cooking classes range from one day fun courses to broad gourmet expert preparing programs, both of which can be just as fun and instructive.

Instructors will exhibit the procedure of setting up every course, after which guests will attempt Thai cooking all alone while the teacher watches. Understudies regularly get the opportunity to pick up to five dishes and typically cook the whole meal themselves; in any case, this vary to some degree from school to school that ends with your very own sumptous cooked meal for lunch/dinner!

3. Muay Thai Sessions

Muay ThaiAlthough this is not for preferred for everybody, but if you are the physical type and you travelled all the way to Thailand or just needs to sweat out unwanted fats from eating food, you could give a shot at Muay Thai. You can try for an hour or two without having to sign up for a full course, but at least you will know what this sport, its history and what is really about which might even find yourself a new passion.

Absolutely a day of Phuket rain requests a slower pace. Regardless of what the climate, a hefty portion of these activities will be an unwinding part of your holiday in Phuket.