You read that right, It’s already summer season here in Thailand and we’re giving away tips on why Phuket isn’t a good summer destination for you and your family!

  1. Food is “okay”

karon beach foodMost restaurants in Phuket have world class chef’s that offers everyone a delicious array of fresh and organic food. Phunawa Nawa’s Karon Beach Restaurant offer guests and visitors not just delicious food but an experience to remember. If on a budget, there are lot’s of street food that is cooked right on the spot for as low as $2!

  1. Shopping is expensive

chaofa weekend marketLooking for souvenirs to take home? Perhaps wear the most updated fashion trend? Then Chaofa weekend market is definitely the place for you! Items for sale here can range to cheap to expensive but you can always Haggle and test your bargaining skills to get what you want which is a fun thing to do!

  1. Touristy Beaches

karon beach phuketYou read lots of stories online or from people that they went to a really crowded beach and didn’t enjoy it but Phuket isn’t different. There are huge public beaches that attracts the crowds and water activities but there are also secret hidden beaches that one can enjoy peacefully. Phuket in fact has about 35 beaches to choose from!

  1. Expensive Accommodations

Phunawa resort accommodationAlthough Phuket has lots of world class resorts, there are only a selected few that really provides the best rates on the island all year round! Phunawa Karon Beach Resort & Spa offers guests room rate as low as THB6,500 or $190 for a luxurious SUITE! A price definitely worth it compared to other luxury resort “rooms”.

  1. Views are Boring

Breathtaking phuket viewNo Words needed.

  1. No Nightlife

Phuket NIght LifeWith all the expats and tourist coming to Phuket, there are watering holes that indeed are full specially in Patong. There are lots of party places where you and your friends can enjoy your night that are hosted by famous international DJ’s all year round!

  1. Hot and sunny

1920514_441557989322479_1398113064_nWho in the world doesn’t like to feel the sunshine on their skin? Most countries have different weather season. Phuket being in the tropics has two. Sunny and Rainy. Sunny season is technically ALL YEAR ROUND since occasion rainstorms only happen for a few minutes during the rainy season. A travelers tip is to book during low season since the weather is good, less crowded yet hotels offer great rates!

  1. Lame Activities

Diving PhuketWE mean Phuket has lots of activities to offer like the photo above. If you’re afraid of the deep sea then one can either go temple hopping, do water sports activities, food trips, elephant trekking and other adrenaline pumping activites! Phunawa Resort tour desk can arrange these best activities for guests and visitor convenience.

So why not treat your family, get together with friends, have a tan, party and indulge in delicious food anywhere else in the world but in Phuket! Phuket has indeed of lots of things to offer for your holiday and summer vacation.