Museums in Phuket are not precisely interesting, but rather in the late years an awesome exertion was made to keep a decent record of the rich history of Phuket Island. Phuket Town itself has very nearly turned into a walkthrough historical center.

Phunawa Karon Beach Resort & Spa offers a list of museums found within the Island to get to know more about Phuket! Here are several museums of Phuket:

1.     Thai Hua Museum

thai hua museumThe recently renovated Thai Hua Museum is truly fascinating, it is close to all the wonderful historical streets and structures of Phuket Town so you can find out about every one of the structures, shops and organizations you just strolled by nearby. This museum is finished with awesome taste and quality design and not a very scholarly like museum which makes it a delight to peruse.

2.     Phuket Mining Museum

phuket mining museumPhuket Mining Museum (or Kathu Mining Museum) was manufactured with surprising glory in an exceptionally remote and disconnected area behind the Loch Palm Golf Club of Kathu, some place in the slopes before Patong. Galleries in Phuket are not precisely living spaces where craftsmen show their manifestations; however this one gives you a really decent vision of what Phuket was well known for amid the tin mining period.

3.     Thavorn Museum

thavorn museumQuirkiest Museum in Phuket Town and Beyond. Odd yet surprisingly a fun visit. This museum consist of several items that were discarded by the old hotel since it opened. From vintage calculators, phones, fridge to decoration. For a 30 baht fee you will feel nostalgic looking at the museums old vintage things and be transported back in time.