Phuket is home to the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world. There are lots of beaches to choose from that caters to all your beach loving needs from secret and hidden beaches to the most crowded and popular ones too.

Phuket has 35 beaches overall and Phunawa karon beach resort is located on one of these amazing beaches of Phuket. Phunawa Karon Beach Resort would like our guests to experience visiting other beaches near our resort and see different sides and shades of the beach life in Phuket. Here are the 5 beaches near Phunawa Karon Beach Resort and Spa.

1.) Kata Beach

Kata BeachOne of the most popular beaches in Phuket after Patong and just south of Karon Beach. It enjoys a superb large white beach with an incredible very blue sea, a nice island that makes great sunset photos. With less crowd than Patong, a good and growing choice of dining venues, shopping, nightlife and hotels, Kata beach is a great family destination. Kata Beach is divided in three main areas. Kata Center, Kata South with Club Med in the middle and Kata ‘Back Road’.

2.) Kata Noi

Kata Noi Beach PhuketKata Noi Beach is a beautiful little bay if you want to be near Kata Beach action but stay away from the usual tourist herds. This nice wide strand of white sand has incredibly clear blue waters during the high season and fortunately, its ‘out of the way’ location kept it relatively quiet. Unless you know about it, you probably would miss it. Except the beach itself and two resorts, not much is going on around Kata Noi Beach, the usual tailor, convenience store, massage and few bars seem to be waiting for the hotel’s guests.

3.) Karon Beach

karon beach phuketKaron Beach is the second longest beach in Phuket, enjoying a very wide stretch of superb white sand with a decent choice of dining and nightlife. Yet it never seems to draw crowds of tourists which might actually be a good thing. The beach is also known to make a fun squishy sound when walking on the sand.

4.) Nui Beach

Nui Beach pHuketThe water here is blue and rather tempting, except maybe in the northern part where a small stream reaches the sea, and sand is thin and powdery. You’ll find a good number of beach chairs, the compulsory reggae bar and even a diving center operating right from the beach. Tiny thatch roofed restaurants serve all the usual Thai foods, nothing fancy, but you get to drink cold and eat with your feet in the sand, and this only is enough to stop for a break. What makes the small cove of Ya Nui beach unusual and attractive is the small cape in the middle, the big island in the background and the grassy slopes on each side. The bay is frequently sheltering yachts and fishing boats and is also a nice beach for an easy snorkeling, with clear waters and plenty of rocky areas. If you feel like going a bit further away, you can rent a kayak.

5.) Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach PhuketFreedom beach is a beautiful strip of soft white sand lined with coconut trees in the South of Patong Beach. Since the land surrounding the beach is privately owned, the only way to reach it is by longtail boat from the south of Patong, near the big bridge. During low season no boats will go there because of rough sea. Beach has massage, bars and restaurants.

Enjoy your holidays by visiting these beaches that are accessible by motorbike, car or hire a tuktuk to take you. It’s just minutes away from Phunawa Karon Beach Resort & Spa.