Phuket temples are constantly justified regardless of a visit, from the ones covered up inside a cavern to the tremendous and majestic Wat Chalong, a visit to Thailand would not be finished without investigating few of these glorious structures.

Phuket has numerous “Wats” (temples in Thai) and one by one we will presumably show every one of them, yet numerous are hard to discover or have almost no touristic interest unless you are a Buddhist. Just be informed to remove your shoes (and dress appropiately) before going in these sacred areas. Making a donation or offering even little is a decent thing to do as well.

Phunawa Karon Beach resort & spa invites visitors to see and feel Thai Culture by visiting these temples in Phuket.

1.   Wat Chalong

Wat ChalongWat Chalong, or Chalong Temple, was made and built on the nineteenth century, it is the biggest and most frequented Buddhist temple in Phuket located at the Chaofa West Road going to the southern beaches of Nai Harn, Rawai, Kata or Karon. Its genuine name is Wat Chaitanaram, however you most likely won’t hear it or see it on any street signs.

The latest expansions of Wat Chalong is a 60 meters tall “Chedi” protecting a fragment of the bones from Buddha. Temples walls and ceilings are brightened with excellent designs and painting showing the life of Buddha, and numerous donated statues.

2.   Big Buddha

Big Buddha PhuketPhuket Big Buddha, a 45 meter tall white marble statue, is famous and hard to miss from anywhere in the southern area of Phuket. The view from the big buddha is certainly amazing. When coming to the highest point of the slope you will locate a huge area where individuals can give, purchase talismans and where infrequent buddhist ceremonies are held. This spot additionally serves as a gallery and museum portraying the historical backdrop of the Big Buddha.

3.   Wat Phra Nang Sang

This unique wat is 200 years of age, the most oldest in Phuket, constructed when the primary city of Phuket was situated in Thalang. It is by all accounts for all time under development. Each of the numerous structures is adorned with a huge number of mind boggling decorations, then encompassed by a large number of statues of assorted starting points, from an armless cop remaining beside a lion to the more consistent Buddha pictures. Everything was planned with blended Chinese and Thai mythology impact, to a great extent affected by the disposition of the day.

4.   Wat Phra Thong

Wat Phra ThongWat Phra Thong (or Wat Prathong) or called the ‘Golden Buddha Image Temple’ is an exceptionally old buddhist temple with a mind blowing legend behind it, the sort of story that overpoweringly pulls in individuals.

This temple may not be huge or noteworthy, but rather the first thing everybody needs to see is the well known half buried golden Buddha image.

5.   Wat Khao Rang

wat khao rangThe original big buddha in Phuket, the Golden sitting Buddha of Wat Khao Rang, the first and first sitting Buddha in Phuket, based long prior on the slope of the well known Khao Rang Hill in Phuket Town.

In spite of being viewed as large (at the time), numerous visitors miss Wat Kao Rang on the grounds that the street going to the temple it is not all that simple to find, you need to make a decent attempt to see it. It is unquestionably not as terrific as the Big Buddha in Chalong, yet it has a careful appeal. Generally local people go there to do merit and pray during weekends.

These are just a few of the temples worth visiting and recommended by Phunawa Karon Beach Resort & Spa. Have fun exploring these temples and have a Holy Day!